Underground Rebel Bingo / 12.11.10 / SECRET LOCATION
The Underground Rebel Bingo Club is a secret gathering / dance party filled with glitter, spectacle, booze, drama, love, hate, prizes and... bingo. Rebel Bingo was started by James Flames & Freddie Fortune in the basement of a disused Church Hall in the East End of London. These two nightlife gladiators wrestled bingo from the arthritic grips of old folks homes, and the sticky paws of summer camp. With blood, sweat and tears, they created a brand new form of bingo... a bingo that lives in the spirit of music, alcohol and mayhem. Since then, Rebel Bingo has grown into a cult religion. Every week, mobs of people descend on secret venues around England to drink, dance, draw on each other, and win prizes. This fall, the madness came to NYC for the very first time. Each event has been wild - over 1,000 people congregating in Brooklyn: Get trashed, play bingo. Check out the photos here. And we're doing it all over again! Saturday, December 11th - Rebel Bingo Leaves Brooklyn for its FIRST MANHATTAN PARTY!! Grab your tickets before they sell out. The Underground Rebel Bingo Club Saturday, December 11th 2010 9pm to 4am Secret Location (location will be revealed to ticketholders) buy tickets here http://www.rebelbingo.com Massive discounts available for facebook group members
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