Crush / 4.5.11 / Brooklyn Bowl
A new monthly party at Brooklyn Bowl proving that music you can dance to is the music you have an insatiable appetite for. The hooks that get stuck in your head, the beats that you do a lil step to, the tracks you put on repeat, this is the soundtrack to your week and at Crush, these artists are our heros.

Last time we caught this guys set was at Kingdom's monthly party, he set up in the middle of the dancefloor, MPC in hand, and set the room on fire. Part of the Dipset crew, he's known for innovative beats and prowess on the MPC that is unparalleled both as a performer and a producer.

DJ/Producer Sammy Bananas and Siren/Party Starter Maggie Horn are everything we want  in live. They are innovators and entertainers. Creating original takes on other artists tracks, like their first hit  T-Pain's "Can't Believe it", they give an existential take on their tracks that is surprising and keeps you paying attention. Moreover they pay attention to their audience..that's us..and take us all on their fabulous reinterpreted ride of a hook laden show. Day after this show you'll have one of their tracks stuck in your head guaranteed.

Jasmine Solano::
She's the nicest person we know in NYC. LITERALLY when you run into her and have a little "hello, hello" exchange, it's lovely - like tea time. Recently on tour with Wiz Khalifa as his official DJ she's bringing us a few tracks tonight. We champion her for her genius videos with Va$htie, and for the fact that she had a party called Electric Punanny (a name that is painful and exciting all at the same time).

Zuzuka Poderosa with DJ Valissa::
These days when we need a Baile Funk fix.. we find Zuzuka. Bringing the Miami Bass infused sounds of Funk Caraioca to the world at large. With a path to NYC that is fused with so many stories . Brazilian mom, Indoneian father, student of Jazz vocal Improv. This is the kind of all over the life map that leads to an artist who gets the complicated roots and life of Baile Funk. We've wanted to work with her for the LONGEST.. and we're excited to present her in BK for our first time!!

Valissa Yoe is a magical downtown celeb who styles all of downtown and makes us rethink our wardrobes constantly. We're going to be graced with her skills and stylings on the decks!! Check out her mixtapes here.
Check her work with MeanRed and URB on a mini zine here and check out love for Valissa from Time Out NY.

WHEN: Tuesday April 5th WHERE: Brooklyn Bowl AGE: 21+ DOORS: 8pm COVER: 5 bucks
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