Jacques Greene
While a lot of artists focus on putting out as many tunes as possible, Jacques Greene is a producer who seems to have a rare level self control. He is quickly becoming known as a DJ with painstaking quality control, his complex productions are half technically advanced rhythm driven dance tunes and half ear candy. The LuckyMe producer's new EP Another Girl is receiving a lot of well deserved buzz and his mixtapes are always well anticipated and dependable. This has been a huge year for Jacques Greene. He first caught our attention before we did the LuckyMe showcase last September and has managed to keep it, relentlessly. At that point he had just been exposed to the world on Mary Anne Hobbs' radio show and had little more than a track on SoundCloud from his then upcoming debut, The Look EP. Less than a year later, Jacques Greene has released two EPs on LuckyMe, a single on Night Slugs, a remix on Sound Pellegrino, a remix on K7, two almost perfect mixtapes, not to mention a few freebie tracks. The craziest part is all of it is AWESOME. From his first single (Baby I Don’t Know) What You Want (Night Slugs), to his most recent EP, Jacques has maintained a totally unique sound that keeps you wondering, how has this 21 year old kid managed to do this much in a year? Another Girl's self titled A side is a soulful tune with Jacques signature choppy vocal sound, also worth a listen is the Braiden Remix of Holdin' On. LM008 - ANOTHER GIRL by Jacques Greene

Jacques Greene - (Baby I Don't Know) What You Want from Jacques Greene on Vimeo.

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