URB Magazine Built By MeanRed :: Special Edition

As much as humans are solo creatures, we are held down by our tribes.  We all come from our family tribe and then we go out into the world and we join many other tribes.

MeanRed is proud to announce that the newest edition of URB  is a special edition built by your beloved tribe over here at MeanRed in conjunction with our recent show at Santos Party House with Amanda Blank and Maluca...

In this URB Special Edition we shine some light on a community of talent that are part of our larger MeanRed Tribe.  In these pages we present Amanda Blank and Maluca -  musical artists, Valissa Yoe - Fashionista and Stylist, Texas -  Photographer extrordinaire, and also a group of "Things We Jock"  selected by people we admire. Thank you URB for being a constant voice to the tribes of music and  youth culture  and thank you for letting us present our community here. We hope you all enjoy -- click to download - its digital!

Your Editor - Jen Lyon Your Creative Director - Katie Longmyer

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