Dubbel Dutch
Marc Glasser aka Dubbel Dutch has been a staple since 2009. Originally a New Yorker, he busted onto the scene with some wicked remixes and originals via Brooklyn's blog/label Palms Out Sounds. His most recent release on Mixpak is his best yet and we think you need to know about it. Glasser's new E.P, Hymn, is just off the hook. Released on Dre Skull's Brooklyn based MixPak Records, Hymn EP is an uplifting, heavy bottomed collection of bass tunes that force you to move. The rhythms are thoughtful and unique, the bass is perfection and it's uniquely and almost shockingly euphoric. This combination makes the Hymn EP the most effective dancefloor collection he's ever released. Two highlights are Heartbruk and the self-titled Hymn. Definitely worth a listen. Dubbel Dutch - Hymn EP preview by Mixpak
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