OWSLA Tour Hits NYC: 19 Year old girls squeal
We remember Skrillex's first set at Webster  and it was in fact pretty sensational. His label OWSLA hits NYC  11/16/12  and it might be worth checking out with your bros. Let us know if the Skrillex minions live up to his hype. Here's  a bit about our favorite act on the lineup, Birdy Nam Nam. Beyond our visible sudders at their name (please change it.. please.), we're delighted this groupis back. These french Ex-DMC champs  came up way back when turntablism was still interesting. Pretty much their career may have faded with the love of wiki-wiki if Skrillex hadn't put them on his label. In this remix Birdy Nam Nam is very much the electro-darling, not Ellie.        
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