How do you create something meaningful? It's a snap with MeanRed.
As the world at large safely contemplates their existences online in front of computers and TVs, MeanRed Productions takes passion and activates it. We produce risk taking events, stellar shows in unexpected places, national activations with partners we love, and are not only the hardest working boutique production and marketing company on the eastern seaboard, but also so cutting edge we're used to falling off, and liking it. Working with city agencies to produce large-scale community events like Summerstage, to our own venue BKLYN Yard on the Gowanus Canal, MeanRed Productions moves ideas and people multi-dimensionally. You may have eaten tacos with us on the Gowanus canal, sipped "rave juice" out of zip lock bags with us in Chinatown, tossed back artisanal beers with us at the Greenpoint Oktoberfest, or watched aerialists flip through the air at our Lose Your Shit loft parties. We brought you closer to your favorite artists, pushed you into spaces you've never been before, and led to you to scenes you never knew existed. That "oh shit!" moment? That's MeanRed. As a production company, we specialize in non-traditional venues, word-of-mouth events and guerrilla marketing campaigns. Our signature work is renegade, pop-up, and experiential. Across the varied avenues of strategy, marketing, production, talent booking and event promotion  MeanRed has remained consistent – delivering progressive party concepts, unconventional talent line ups and epic surprises. MeanRed is proud to represent artists and brands at their best – bold, titillating and fun. SERVICES .Production.                                                     .Marketing.                               .Promotions. Talent Buying                                                   Brand Development                Street Team Brand Integration                                            Strategy                                    Influencer Seeding Venue Operations & Management                 Identity                                     Strategy On Premise Marketing                                    Strategic Partnerships            Partnership Lighting/Sound/Food/Decor Design              Content Development             Talent Management Staffing                                                             Social/Digital/Viral MeanRed Partners :: Jen Lyon & Katie Longmyer Jen Lyon cut her teeth booking, managing and directing the greatest clubs around New York City such as Joes Pub, Volume, 205 Club, Love and Santos...but Jen is best known for her work in alternative venues and raw spaces -- her ability to expose new areas and bring unexpected moments to unconventional locations with her unparalleled management and production knowledge. Katie Longmyer started her career at the #1 record label in the country, Warner Bros. Records. In seven years, she quickly rose the ranks working in Field Marketing, TV licensing and A&R. Before long, her ideas were breaking industry conventions and laying the framework for a new business model. To showcase her talents as a fierce rainmaker and savvy consultant, Warner Bros. created a new position for her as the Brand Partnerships Manager. Combined, and backed up by their hand picked specialized team of employees, these two have over 20 years in event production, nightlife and marketing experience and have carved out a space in the industry as the go-to for genre bending,  boundary breaking, alternative and dynamic experiences. When they are not scheming new brand platforms and activating national marketing campaigns for their clients, you can find them basking in the sunlight listening to the best music in Brooklyn at their outdoor concert venue BKLYN Yard. . MeanRed Properties   Visit Website Spearheaded by MeanRed Partner Katie Longmyer, Good Peoples is MeanRed's premium niche brand. Through management, collaborative projects and promotions Good Peoples unites the different dynamic elements of its community to provide a platform for their creations and share them with the world. MeanRed utilizes Good Peoples to facilitate it's partners to reach the elusive but coveted demographic of creative professionals, media makers and urban influencers. Visit Website Resting on the banks of the Gowanus Canal, BKLYN Yard still harbors signs of its seedy past and commercial landscape, but also boasts a grove of trees and boating docks. A beautiful independent venue where industrial meets bucolic. Over the past three summers, BKLYN Yard has grown to become a favorite local destination, hosting events such as Kaiju Big Battle, The Brooklyn County Fair, The Sundays Best series, Lee Scratch Perry, Rooftop Films, and more. Owned, curated and managed by MeanRed Productions, The BKLYN Yard has gained incredible acclaim from press including New York Magazine, The New York Times, and TimeOut New York.