Straight out of Flushing, Queens, Action Bronson has got to be our favorite ginger-bearded, Albanian-American rapper who is also a fully trained chef. Taking his name from famous Chicago gangster William "Action" Jackson and actor Charles Bronson, you might say he cooks like Mario Batali (but with more swagger), he looks a bit like Rick Ross (but whiter) and he raps kinda like Ghostface (except with more lyrics about food). Indeed it is the aforementioned Wu-Tang rapper who Bronson is most often compared to, which, to the majority of the rap community, can never be a bad thing. Action Bronson grew up cooking after learning techniques from his chef father and working in the family restaurant, however, he says since an early age he idolized rappers such as Wu Tang Clan and Kool G Rap. After finishing the culinary program at the Art Institute of New York, Action went on to work in a number of eateries and even had a stint at Citi Field cooking post-game meals for the Mets. In 2008, however, he realized how naturally gifted he was with lyrics and decided to give it all up to pursue a career in music. You could say his career went pretty swimmingly after that, as he released 'Bon Appetit... Bitch!' in 2010 and quickly caught the attention of the underground rap scene. He went on to collaborate with Ghostface Killah and Termanology in 2011 on the Wu Tang mixtape 'Legendary Weapons' and followed that with his critically acclaimed album 'Dr Lecter' which was produced in its entirety by Tommy Mas of underground NYC legends, Team Facelift. The song 'Shiraz' along with the video quickly spread like wildfire and went viral after being championed by influential sites such as Nah Right and 2dopeboyz. Following the success of 'Dr.Lecter, Action was soon sought out by major hiphop producer Statik Selektah and the pair teamed up to make the album 'Well Done'. When recently asked by about whether we would be hearing more from the duo, AB responded with “I love Statik, but I don’t know. He’s always f*cking touring in f*cking Zimbabwe. I don’t know what he’s doing.” Don't hold your breath then.. Not to worry, another album is in the works with none other than legendary producer Alchemist and its set to drop this year along with another mixtape from Action - 'Blue Chips 2' - a follow up to the Party Supplies produced mixtape that dropped at the beginning of the year. So what can we conclude from all this? Well, he said it himself - no one raps about food like he does. But thats not his only 'thing', Action also writes sharp and often witty lines which reference important pop culture as well filling you with a sense of New York nostalgia, plus, it's pretty hard not to like a chubby white rapper who spits fire about fine-dining and no doubt has a sense of humor about himself. Catch the main man himself alongside Das Racist, Brenmar and Trouble Andrew at our very own built by MeanRed Summerstage event, this coming Tuesday in Redhook Park.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur's "How Far" (The 2 Bears Remix)

To celebrate his departure from the UK for his North American tour, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs releases the new remix to his track How Far. The collab with new Hot Chip side project, The 2 Bears, takes the original's already atmospheric flavor and shoots it way out into outer space. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs will kick off his tour with HARD festival in LA, but MeanRed's bringing him to Brooklyn for one special night at Public Assembly!
I’m not sure what happened that night, maybe it was the magic of all the great people in the room, but when our resident Jacques Renault got together with your favorite DJs’ favorite DJ - My Cousin Roy…something amazing happened... One of the things I love about sets recorded live, is that as I listen to them I remember that moment in the night where I heard that track that made me look up, or creep up behind the DJ booth, or dance a little extra or just smile to myself realizing how special and awesome this 2 year long monthly has been. Lucky for us, our boy Nik Mercer from Anthem Magazine, recorded the night… and now we all (my fav dream team): Jacques, Nik & Anthem, Roy, myself, Gabby & subMercer are excited to present this to you for FREE download. Stream them here, or download them by clicking on the arrow. And if you are feeling it (you will), share it, pass it on, and come see us next month at subMercer on June 17th! We’ll be making magic for you yet again… ~ Katie (Good Peoples) Good Peoples x Anthem @ subMercer (5.6.10) part 1 - DJ Jacques RenaultbyGoodPeoples Good Peoples x Anthem @ subMercer (5.6.10) part 2 DJ My Cousin RoybyGoodPeoples Good Peoples x Anthem @ subMercer (5.6.10) part 3 DJ Jacques RenaultbyGoodPeoples Good Peoples x Anthem @ subMercer (5.6.10) part 4 - DJ My Cousin RoybyGoodPeoples
Check out this mix - Live from the monthly subMercer party with Good Peoples and Anthem Magazine. Resident DJ, Jacques Renault does his thing on the decks with guest DJ Brennan Green!DOWNLOAD:  DJs Jacques Renault & Brennan Greene LIVE at the Good Peoples subMercer party - March 18th 2010
By now you should be familiar with what happens when a track is placed into the, studio of Maggie Horn & Sammy Bananas - aka Telephoned.  Well, the've done it again better than ever before. Check out Kid Sister's Daydreaming track...the rework... DOWNLOAD: Kid Sister  - Daydreaming (Telephoned Rework)