As much as humans are solo creatures, we are held down by our tribes.  We all come from our family tribe and then we go out into the world and we join many other tribes.

MeanRed is proud to announce that the newest edition of URB  is a special edition built by your beloved tribe over here at MeanRed in conjunction with our recent show at Santos Party House with Amanda Blank and Maluca...

In this URB Special Edition we shine some light on a community of talent that are part of our larger MeanRed Tribe.  In these pages we present Amanda Blank and Maluca -  musical artists, Valissa Yoe - Fashionista and Stylist, Texas -  Photographer extrordinaire, and also a group of "Things We Jock"  selected by people we admire. Thank you URB for being a constant voice to the tribes of music and  youth culture  and thank you for letting us present our community here. We hope you all enjoy -- click to download - its digital!

Your Editor - Jen Lyon Your Creative Director - Katie Longmyer

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American Eagle Outfitters wanted to get the word out about their new in-store music program, College Radio! What better place to do it than CMJ, and who better to reach out to stand out from the crowd than MeanRed... MeanRed for AE College Radio Shanghai'd - a CMJ experience at 88 Palace presented by AE College Radio Content Creation Brand Integration Seeding Shanghai is a destination, a metropolis, a noun. But personally, we prefer Shanghai as a verb. Back in the day of saloons and scurvy, ship captains used to drug / kidnap their sailing crew. When there was a shortage of seamen, any able-bodied fellow who wandered into the wrong saloon, or drank with the wrong companion, could wake up with a mysterious hangover onboard a ship headed to the Far East...stuck on the high seas for the next 7-10 months. The practice was known as "Shanghaiing” Fast forward to 2009: Just when the CMJ marathon has lower Manhattan in a death grip, MeanRed and friends are sneaking off to Chinatown, celebrating the best underground sounds in a dim sum restaurant under the Manhattan Bridge. We're kidnapping the music you thought you knew, kidnapping the expectations you may have had, and bringing the whole thing with us on a voyage to the place where East meets Best. Join us for a three day MeanRed marathon at 88 Palace -- good music, gold dragons, red wallpaper, pretty people, pork buns.  We are passing dim sum dishes throughout the night, serving up drink specials when you need it most, and putting on the best and brightest of NYC.

MeanRed created a limited edition zine with interviews, features, ads and more! DOWNLOAD THE SHANGHAI'D ZINE here

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Smoke Me Up, Buttercup! Ardbeg single malt scotch whiskey is the peatiest and #1 whiskey in the world (2009 & 2009) according to the Whiskey Bible. Ardbeg had a traditional (and primarily european) Whiskey audience that skewed toward older adult males who knew and loved their scotch...until Moet-Hennessy brought them to MeanRed to change the audience and perception of it...

MeanRed for Ardbeg - The Renegade Whiskey On Site Production Development Build Out Event Branding Identity Marketing Customized Sampling Program Music Program Content Creation
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