Today's MeanRed visual stimulant is brought to you by Matthew Schreiber's Sideshow, currently on view at the Vogt Gallery, displaying a great use of artistic lasers other than those at you local underground rave.
Finally EDM is blessed by a Snoop Dogg music-genre-appropriation with his project LA Party Machine
Not only does this song never get old, but weird recreations are endless evidence that "everything is fine when you listening to the D-O-G"
Kartell remixes "Drop It Like It's Hot," now slow-summer-day ready.
No one ever thought Brooklyn would "make it" and look how quickly we're over it! Where is the new Williamsburg? We're ready to move there and open up a DIY all ages club named after a philosophical mindset.
We're digging this glitchy, 80s-pop take on Blood Orange's "Uncle ACE," that sends the original way into outer space.
Thank goodness that someone is finally researching the ways that narcissists are narcissistic